CNC-milling glass

An improvised vacuum chamber

MOSFET-based Gouriet-Clapp capacitive three-point oscillator

Photographing PCD8544

Closeup of a broken LCD

Compactly organizing an E12 resistor set

A fixture attachment system for CNC3020T

CNC3020T: poor positioning accuracy

G38: Probing workpieces in LinuxCNC

CNC3020T: simple wooden fixture

CNC3020T: coolant pump and CCW rotation

Transistor as a light source

Producing PCBs using photolithography

CNC3020T: switch-mode power supply conversion

Making a lens using a CNC mill

Resurrecting Cowon iAUDIO E2

Fixing hinge mount on ASUS UX32VD

In search of a replacement for silkscreening

On water break test

On concentration of etchant

Optimizing for best photomaster quality

Optimizing for best photoresist adhesion

Ensure correct page size

Negative photoresist calibration mask

Parametric G-Code for cutting PCBs

CNC3020T: EMC2 configuration and hidden features

CNC3020T: fixing power supply