Blinking a LED using STM32 DMA

Minimizing logic expressions

Synthesizing optimal 8051 code

Undocumented nRF24LU1+ quirks

Pixel Pawn wireless flash trigger on-air protocol

Patching nVidia GPU driver for hot-unplug on Linux

Game Boy Advance cartridge "SMC805-2 VER:1.5"

Z144SN005 LCD microphotography

Nokia 3220 transflective LCD microphotography

Sony Xperia Z2 LCD microphotography

Replacing the mirror on an Amscope ME300TZ

Synthesizing sulfur(II) chloride, attempt 3

Synthesizing sulfur(II) chloride, attempt 2

Synthesizing sulfur(II) chloride

Synthesizing phosphorus(III) chloride

Accessing Intel ICH/PCH GPIOs

Delayering paper-clad contactless smart cards

Abstracting over mutability in Rust macros

Owning collections in heap-less Rust

Abstracting over mutability in Rust

Ping-pong balls are extremely flammable

Writing udev rules for development boards

Lighting a match at 480fps

Controlling a GPIO through an ESP8266-based web server

Implementing a simple SoC in Migen

Implementing a UART in Verilog and Migen

Parametric model of a Kawai Tsugite joint

SMD reflow with a blowtorch, try #3

SMD reflow with a blowtorch, try #2

Archiving cryptographic secrets on paper

Silego GreenPAK 4 breakout boards

Replacement for the Ricor K526S controller

Parasitic interaction between oscillating LUTs on Silego GreenPAK 4

Ring oscillators on Silego GreenPAK 4

Baking sponge cake in a saucepan on an induction hob

Continuous condensate drainage from an off-the-shelf dehumidifier

Line art photography cleanup

Wire reel holder

SMD reflow with a blowtorch

Printing labels on Epson TM-T88IV

Casting silicone using modeling clay pattern

Cleaning an Edwards EXT250 turbomolecular pump

Ground loop in a lab power supply

50W LC resonant converter, power board V1

Measuring diode recovery time

CNC-milling glass

An improvised vacuum chamber

MOSFET-based Gouriet-Clapp capacitive three-point oscillator

Photographing PCD8544

Closeup of a broken LCD

Compactly organizing an E12 resistor set

A fixture attachment system for CNC3020T

CNC3020T: poor positioning accuracy

G38: Probing workpieces in LinuxCNC

CNC3020T: simple wooden fixture

CNC3020T: coolant pump and CCW rotation

Transistor as a light source

Producing PCBs using photolithography

CNC3020T: switch-mode power supply conversion

Making a lens using a CNC mill

Resurrecting Cowon iAUDIO E2

Fixing hinge mount on ASUS UX32VD

In search of a replacement for silkscreening

On water break test

On concentration of etchant

Optimizing for best photomaster quality

Optimizing for best photoresist adhesion

Ensure correct page size

Negative photoresist calibration mask

Parametric G-Code for cutting PCBs

CNC3020T: EMC2 configuration and hidden features

CNC3020T: fixing power supply